Logging into the Woocommerce (Woo) App

*Disclaimer before we get down to business, this article is for those of you that have an e-commerce platform, also check that you can log into WordPress under your admin credentials. If not, you can see how to log into WordPress here.

To log into the Woo app, you first need to download it. 

For Apple users: download the app here.

For Android users: download the app here.

Once the app is downloaded, it will ask if you want to create an account or log in. 

Tap the Log In button.

Now it will ask you to enter the url of your store – you can copy and paste the url or type it in. 

After you type it in, tap Continue.

After it recognizes your url as an active site, it will ask you for the admin email. 

Log in with the admin email and password provided for you. 

Now you will be logged into the Woo app where you can manage all of your orders! 

Please watch the video on how to log into your store via the Woo app if you have questions.

If the video does not help, please email me at outofsitedesigns@gmail.com and I will help you as quickly as I can!