Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways for businesses to keep top-of-mind. Check out some of the designs that I have created for my client's email campaigns below. 

P.S. I love to support the small businesses that I work with, so I will be linking their information at the end of each section.

Oak Barrel Ice & Creamery



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If you have been to Oak Barrel, you know the feeling of walking into that small ice cream parlor, smelling home-made waffle cones and seeing the iconic wall. For those of you that have not visited Oak Barrel, you are missing out, but this is the hand-painted ice cream wall.

After running the social media for a while, Greg, Jill and I talked about the possibility of starting to write email newsletters to send out monthly to Oak Barrel’s valued customers. Greg gave us the okay and we started in 2022. We send newsletters that contain flavor and shop updates to keep the customer in the loop in case they miss Instagram or Facebook. There are also exclusive deals to incentivize people to sign up for the emails newsletters. There are about 500 customers signed up currently and we have an average open rate of approximately 60% compared to the average open rate of about 21% (This statistic is from MailChimp). 

Want to try the best ice cream in the Central Valley of California?
Oak Barrel Ice & Creamery is waiting for you…

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