The branding section of my portfolio will encase both the brand strategy (colors & fonts) as well as brand assets (logos & business cards). 

P.S. I love to support the small businesses that I work with, so i will be linking their information at the end of each section. 

Jill Bruton Copywriting




Josefin Slab: AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz

Open Sans Condensed: AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz

Jill and I began her brand project by having a discussion about her business and who she wanted to reach. We chose this gentle green and mellow blue as soft and approachable, yet professional way to reach her audience. We also chose the fonts – Josefin Slab that resembles a thicker version of a typewriter font & Open Sans Condensed – a trendy, easy to read light font that complements Josefin Slab.

Copywriters these days are typing away on keyboards to entice their readers and make them feel through the writing. That is where the idea for this simplified keyboard logo came into action. We had a series of revisions that took place to get the logo to what you see on the right.

Jill had come to me unhappy about the business card she was trying to design on her own. She was very communicative in telling me what elements she liked and which she did not. I took this information and made a draft that she fell in love with. We made some slight edits to the design and turned it into what is displayed on the right.

Need copywriting services?
Jill’s got you covered!


Business Card

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Oak Barrel Ice & Creamery



Karla: AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz

Open Sans AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz

If you have been to Oak Barrel, you know the feeling of walking into that small ice cream parlor, smelling home-made waffle cones and seeing the iconic wall. For those of you that have not visited Oak Barrel, you are missing out, but this is the hand-painted ice cream wall.

The business card doubled as a stamp card for their customers, so there is a front side and back side to the card, displayed at right. When designing for Oak Barrel, I wanted elements of the wall to be in every piece, bringing the feeling of walking into this hidden-gem for a scoop of ice cream. This would bring together the brand with a sense of consistency.

Want to try the best ice cream in the Central Valley of California?
Oak Barrel Ice & Creamery is waiting for you…



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